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Howard Economics 2023 Spring Seminar

The default date and time each week is Wednesday at 11 am EST. Meetings are in person at the conference room 3F ASB-B unless the university goes remote or we have a remote guest, in which case they will be held over Zoom.

This semester, we also have three job market talks on Tuesday as noted below.

Faculty within the department are encouraged to present their research, and graduate students are welcome to attend these meetings so they can get to know potential advisors and committee members.

If you would like to present, you know of someone who would like to present, or you would like to be added to the seminar email list, please send an email to

Spring 2023 Schedule

Date Presenter Affiliation Topic
January 31 @ 11 am Emma Kalish Johns Hopkins Job Market Talk (TUESDAY)
February 1 @ 11 am Mieke Meurs American University Paid Domestic Workers and the Care Deficit in Brazil
February 7 @ 10:30 am Kyle Coombs Columbia University Job Market Talk (TUESDAY)
February 8 @ 11 am Sergio Barrera Virginia Tech Learning From My Environment: Does Social Environment Predict Beliefs and Future Outcomes of Teenagers?
February 14 @ 11 am Keisha Solomon Howard University Job Market Talk (TUESDAY)
February 22 @ 11 am Isaac McFarlin University of Florida, NBER How Much Do Tuition Subsidies Promote College Access? Evidence From Community College Taxing Districts
March 1 -- -- --
March 8 -- -- Spring Recess
March 15      
March 22      
March 29      
April 5 Nathaniel Burke West Virginia University  
April 12 Meiping Sun Fordham University Money for MetroCards: How a New Card Fee Made New York Transit Riders Invest More and Lose More
April 19      

Future seminars:

Seminars are scheduled for Wednesdays at 11am during the semester. I will link to HU's 2024 academic calendar here when it becomes available. The following presentation dates are taken for Fall 2023: 9/27 (Thanh Lu, Cornell)

Previous seminars:

Below is the Fall 2022 schedule:

Date Presenter Affiliation Topic
August 31 Claus Portner Seattle University Impact of COVID-19 Lockdowns on Hunger, Labor Market Outcomes, and Household Coping Mechanisms: Evidence From Uganda
September 7 Alex Henke Howard University Increased UI Payments and Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from the CARES Act
September 14      
September 21 Jevay Grooms Howard University Social Security Interactions with Child Tax Credit Expansion
September 28 Marco Schwarz DICE Perceived fairness and consequences of affirmative action policies
October 5      
October 12 Felix Owusu Harvard University Presumptive Declination and Diversion in Suffolk County, MA (ONLINE)
October 19 Seth Gitter Towson University Marriage, Taliban Rule, Norms and Women's Empowerment in Afghanistan
October 26 Samuel Kerns   An Introduction to Machine Learning Methods
November 2 Yana van der Muelen Rodgers Rutgers University Conversion Therapy, Suicidality, and Running Away: An Analysis of Transgender Youth in the U.S.
November 9      
November 16 Gerald Jaynes Yale University Efficiency and Distributional Effects of Federal College Subsidies in the 1930s

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