Seminar Series

Department Seminar

Howard Econ 2021 Spring Seminar

Tuesday, 2/16 12:30-1:30

Matthew Harvey 

Monday, 2/1/21 12:30-1:30

Ana Paula Melo: Affirmative action, college access and major choice: Redistribution and opportunity for social mobility 


Monday, 1/25/21 12:30-1:30

Xuanyu (Iris) Fu: Intergenerational Effects of a Negative Wealth Shock: Evidence from the Closure of the Freedman’s Bank



Howard Econ 2020 Fall Seminar

The default time is 12-1 pm for the seminar every Tuesday, but we can move that around if necessary. Meetings will be hosted over Zoom. If you wish to sign up, please type out your topic and your name. If someone not on this list is interested in presenting or simply interested in being a part of the list, please send me an email at


Tuesday, October 20

Emily Blank, 1 pm Hate Crimes since 2016


Tuesday, October 27

Jessica Shui (FHFA): The Price of Residential Land for Counties, ZIP codes, and Census Tracts in the United States


Tuesday, November 3



Tuesday, November 10

Alessandra Fenizia (George Washington University): The Health Impacts of Hospital Delivery Practices


Tuesday, November 17

Marco A. Schwarz (University of Innsbruck): The Impact of Social Media on Belief Formation

Student Seminar

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