Undergraduate Program


The Undergraduate Program in Economics closely cooperates with the various components of the Economics Department in an attempt to achieve academic excellence in conformity with the mission, objectives, and goals of the Department and the University.

Under the leadership of the Chairman of the Economics Department, the Director of Undergraduate Studies is responsible for:

  1. The organization, development and management of the Undergraduate Program in Economics.
  2. The development and dissemination of curricular information regarding the requirements for the major field of study, as well as all information for choices of minors available in the Department, in other units of the College of Arts and Sciences, and in other Schools at Howard University.
  3. The organization and/or supervision of curricular and extracurricular activities that may contribute toward the achievements of an effective undergraduate program of instruction.

The Director of the Undergraduate Program in Economics works harmoniously with other Directors and Committees within the Department. Their productive cooperation has made it possible for the Economics Department to avoid gaps and duplication in its overall program of instruction.

Objectives Of The Undergraduate Program In Economics

The Undergraduate Program in Economics at Howard University seeks to provide our students with a clear understanding of the basic principles of economic theory and policy, and to train them in the utilization of mathematics, statistics and modern technology as tools of economic analysis. It is also designed to provide our economics majors with some basic knowledge in a selected number of specialized fields, such as labor economics, urban economics, monetary economics (money and banking), and international economics, and with the training they need for more advanced work in the economics discipline.