AEASP 2021 Scholar Charlene Ramos

Charlene Ramos

Charlene Requerme Ramos has spent nearly a decade working in economics consulting and the technology industry. She was an early employee at various startups including Modern Health and Notion, both valued at over $1 billion. She is a seasoned manager with expertise in Operations, Client Success, and Customer Support. Her specialty is working with small firms and international clientele.

Ms. Ramos graduated as an Economics major at Yale College. Also, she attended the University of California, Berkeley as a Public Policy, International Affairs, and Law Fellow. She aspires to pursue a Joint Degree –– Doctor of Philosophy in Economics and Juris Doctor. Her ambition is to become a leading scholar in Law and Economics with a focus on Economic History.

She comes from a first-generation, low-income background and an immigrant family. Most of them work in education and healthcare or serve in the military. They live in Los Angeles, California.