AEASP 2021 Scholar Héctor Romero-Ramírez

Héctor Romero-Ramírez

I am Héctor Romero-Ramírez and I am from Puerto Rico. I graduated with a BA in Economics from the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras in May 2020 and am currently pursuing a Master's in Economics at the same university. I have had the opportunity to be a research assistant in medical cannabis and public education projects. Also, my research interests are related to international trade, international finance, and austerity. These interests have led me to investigate whether NAFTA has generated a relationship of dependency or interdependence between the member countries of the agreement, and this project has become my master's thesis. Finally, in my spare time, I like to watch NBA games, read about A Song of Ice and Fire novels, and watch Game of Thrones episodes.