AEASP 2021 Scholar Jovial Clayton

Jovial Clayton

My name is Jovial Clayton – first name pronounced “jow-vee-uhl” (he/his). I recently graduated from Howard University with a master’s in economics and will be applying to doctorate programs this fall (Fall 2021). I have interned at the International Food Policy Research Institute, as a research assistant, helping to access the health and nutritional risks of smallholder poultry production in Burkina Faso. Most recently, I completed an economic research project at the Federal Reserve that analyzed the housing price growth rates of non-rural vs rural areas during the health pandemic of 2020. One long-term research project I’m passionate about centers on the amelioration of lending practices in commercial banking. Also, I am very interested in the macroeconomic effects, particularly employment effects, from the implementation of central bank digital currency. I wish you good luck on your research and I look forward to meeting you in the field.