AEASP 2022 Scholar Darien Kearney

Darien Kearney

Darien Kearney is a master's student of applied economics at Cornell University. Before Cornell, he earned his BBA and MBA in finance and an MS in applied psychology. His decision to become more involved in research comes from his experience as an investment analyst, where he modeled executive retirement scenarios. During this time, he observed how client moods fluctuated with the economic downturn of COVID-19, and intense discussions around portfolio restructuring increased due to client uncertainty. Additionally, his past work at Immersion Neuroscience allowed him to study how people make decisions unconsciously using smartwatch technology. His professional and current academic endeavors intend to find creative ways to measure how investor behavior impacts market volatility. He will apply for Ph.D. programs (Fall 2022), where he hopes to study behavioral economics. In his spare time, he enjoys online gaming with friends, watching stand-up comedy, and browsing sports clips on YouTube.