AEASP 2022 Scholar Jada Houser

Jada Houser

Hailing from South Carolina, Jada A. Houser is a graduate of Clemson University, holding a Bachelor's in Computer Science and a minor in Economics. She is passionate about utilizing data to advance DEIA in all spaces and to empower neglected communities. Seeking to earn a Ph.D. in economics, Jada’s primary research interests are broadly in labor and education. Her focus in these two subfields are in examining the effect of recruitment, retention, and exposure programming on local economies. Her secondary research interest lies in identifying where and how computer science concepts and tools can intersect with economics to aid, enhance, and create ease of access in the workflows of economists. Along with her computer science background, Jada wishes to bring the concepts of open data, data equity, and community-centered design into broader adoption within the economics field. She currently works with the civic engagement startup, co:census.