AEASP 2022 Scholar Ryan Perry

Ryan Perry

Ryan Perry is a recent graduate from the University of Michigan. During her time at Michigan, she pursued an Honors concentration in Economics with a minor in Crime and Justice. When not in the classroom, Ryan held two research assistant positions with faculty at the University of Michigan, served on the University's Diversity Equity and Inclusion Student Advisory Board, was a member of the Michigan Muscle Club and worked with the Ginsberg Center on her three-year MacDonlad Fellowship appointment. Also at the University, Ryan founded the Multicultural Economics Coalition (MEC) to strengthen relationships between students of color pursuing economics at Michigan as well as to build useful skills socially, academically, and professionally that the students could use long after their time at Michigan. After graduation, Ryan will be working at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago with their Microeconomics Research team with hopes to continue learning from intelligent economists and pursue a PhD herself shortly afterwards.