AEASP 2023 Scholar Phineas Kiprop

Phineas Kiprop

Hi, I am a double major in Economics and Mathematics at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Born in Kenya and moved to the States when I was only six years old, I'm grateful to my parents that left everything so I can have more opportunities like the AEASP. I'm also a McNair student and Omicron Delta Kappa member. Outside the classroom, I enjoy being an active member in my community. Currently, I'm the Chief Academic Affairs Officer for the Student Government Association, where I represent the student body on academics and policy changes. Learning is my favorite hobby, and I enjoy exploring new subjects and skills. Photography, chess, and programming are just a few of my favorite hobbies. Ultimately, my goal is to earn a Ph.D. in Development economics, enabling me to contribute to my family in Kenya and others in need.