AEASP 2024 Scholar Tyrone Finch

Tyrone Finch

Tyrone A. Finch II, a Spring '24 graduate, has earned his Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from The University of New Mexico. Aiming to delve deeper into the realm of economics, Tyrone is pursuing a Master of Economics at the same institution, specializing in quantitative analysis, and intends to obtain a PH.D after.


Fascinated by the intersection of Public and Behavioral economics, Tyrone aspires to utilize his skills to shape societal decisions by reflecting the underlying thought processes and value systems of individuals. Seeking to fully realize his knowledge, he connects to other passions, such as the joy of hiking, exploring a shopping district, and traveling abroad, with his Ohkay Ohwingeh Pueblo where this unique perspective can fully bridge the modern economic development with tribal community values.