Professor Kurban evaluates the efficacy of the DC’s suite of affordable housing programs

Haydar Kurban

Policies for Action Announces 12 New Grantee Projects Investigating Inequities in Housing Policy

Policies for Action (P4A) is proud to announce the funding of 12 new research teams as part of its mission to identify policies, laws, and other system and community levers that can help ensure the opportunity to live a healthier life for everyone. Researchers submitted these projects through P4A’s call for proposals for research on housing policies that promote equity. 

With topics including fair share housing programs, community preference policies and rent stabilization, these research projects seek to address key policy questions that have real and immediate implications for people and communities across the country, particularly as the nation grapples with the coronavirus pandemic and the racial and economic inequity that permeates everyday life. 

Howard University, led by principal investigator Haydar Kurban, PhD, will evaluate the efficacy of the District of Columbia’s suite of affordable housing programs.